Fotografia de Casamento – Daniela e Carlos


I’ve been a long time without sharing the weddings that I photographed, and I come across this day that I enjoyed so much. I met Daniela on her wedding day, after exchanging several emails with all the details about the preparation, I was looking forward the wedding. I went to Figueira da Foz and the meeting point was the hairdresser in the street below her house. When the hairstyle had already gained “form and life”, we left and went up the street. I entered a house invaded by light and with details that make my preferences. Perfectly imperfect bouquets created with flowers from the garden and where the scent of the sage took up space. To fill our bellies a beet juice + banana + coconut milk + chia seeds. The bridesmaid dresses were made by the bride’s hand, which as she said “are not perfect” and in my opinion they do not need perfection, were made with much love for a special day.

2015-11-03_0002Daniela-e-Carlos040Daniela-e-Carlos026 Daniela-e-Carlos0342015-11-03_0004 Daniela-e-Carlos0352015-11-03_0001Daniela-e-Carlos042 2015-11-03_0003 Daniela-e-Carlos056Daniela-e-Carlos043 Daniela-e-Carlos075 Daniela-e-Carlos077 Daniela-e-Carlos084Daniela-e-Carlos088Daniela-e-Carlos090 2015-11-03_0005Daniela-e-Carlos099Daniela-e-Carlos108Daniela-e-Carlos1142015-11-03_0006 Daniela-e-Carlos129 2015-11-03_00082015-11-03_0007

Espaço: Assembleia Figueirense
Cabelo: Primage
Catering: Encontrus
Música: Grafonola Antiga

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